The paints, coatings, mortars, adhesives, and insulating products
that we provide consists of healthy and ecological materials which are strengthened by the graphene technology.

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Lime Strengthened by Nanotechnology

Graphenstone is a global manufacturer of natural products that are composed of graphene technology and lime. Our formulas improve their properties exponentially given that we operate at a nonmetric scale, allowing us to achieve high values of hardness, compressive and tensile strength, and elasticity more than the ones obtained from any common coating. All these enhanced properties, added to weight reduction, allow improvements in total returns of equipment and facilities.

No chemicals, absorbs C02, purifies the environment, anti-condensation, attenuates sound and creates a healthy atmosphere.


“The Innovation and sustainability Awards” promoted by the Beyond Building Barcelona-Construmat Fair from Fira de Barcelona. May 2015.

Graphenstone was awarded with a golden certificate from Cradle to Cradle institute.